Inbound Aviation staff are experienced corporate charter pilots and are able to provide a time efficient, friendly and professional service to suit the needs of the individual client. Chartering an aircraft will save the time and hassle of driving to Melbourne and spending hours checking in.At Inbound Aviation we are able to fly from Ballarat or other departure aerodromes as necessitated by your needs, at a time that suits you.
We can fly to most remote aerodromes that are not serviced by the airlines greatly reducing road transport times
Inbound Aviation offers local scenic flights and outback scenic tours. Using our high wing Cessna 206 provides exceptional visibility and seats up to five passengers. For smaller groups our Cessna 172 with seating up to three provides great visibility at a reduced cost. Flights can be conducted year round and can include any destination in Australia – it could be a flight over the twelve apostles or a multiple day outback tour of central Australia.
Kingair operated by Interair Pty Ltd.



1st ocean dunes


4th ocean dunes