The instrument rating is a great asset, contributing toward safe and pleasant flying. No more scud running at low level, in turbulence, with reduced visibility. An instrument Rating will enable you to get on top of most of the bad weather, cruising in smooth, clear skies.

The instrument rating is one of the most challenging and rewarding qualifications to obtain. This course will equip you with the skills to navigate enroute and depart/arrive in meteorological conditions requiring sole reference to flight instruments and navigation aids.

Inbound Aviation offers Multi-engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR) and Single-Engine (SECIR) courses as well as the Private IFR Rating (PIFR). We are able to offer training on all navigation aids including RNAV (GNSS).



  • Ballarat is close to all navigation aids
  • Experience real IFR weather
  • Our synthetic trainer is fitted with all aids including the Garmin 430 and can simulate a variety of different aircraft
  • Fly with a highly experienced IFR instructor
  • Your instructor is also your Approved Testing Officer